On Highway 16, one mile west of the junction of 16 and 21, north of Maidstone and six miles east of Waseca, there stands a large and striking sign honoring Bill and Eileen Lamont who developed the original Speckle Park Cattle. It features an artist’s depiction of a young Speckle Park bull.

Professional artist, Velma Foster, known for over 30 years for her work as a sign painter, was commissioned to do the work. Although recently retired from that field she did the sign out of respect and friendship for the Lamonts.

Her fine art works hang in homes and offices. She was featured some years ago in Home and Garden. At times she is asked to be on juried art panels.

As the website is on the sign, it also indirectly honors the late Mary Lindsay, Greenstreet area, whose cows were the female side of the original Speckle Park.

The special guests for the event were Ian and Peggy Mckenzie and Rob and Ilene Lindsay. Ian and Rob are nephews of Mary Lindsay.

Bill and Eileen were raised in the general Maidstone area and spent their ranching days first on the Big Gully Creek, north of Maidstone, and then a mile west of Maidstone. This is an area of some good herds of cattle of various breeds, which have won awards across Canada and elsewhere.

Speckle Park are raised in several provinces and in Ireland, Australia and New Zealand.

1. Pulling off the cover. Greg Melchior, Mel Hickson, Kevin Pike

2. The sign revealed. The posts will be painted and the base landscaped.

The sign was put in place by Bill McLaren, Bill Pike, Bob Donald, Greg Ballon, Jim Maxwell and Paul Logan.
Hamburger for the party which followed was supplied by Maureen Bexson from the herd of Sheila Lamont, at the home of Bill and Marg McLaren.
The supper was catered by Marg McLaren and Christine Pike. Champagne for the event from the Langham Winery near Saskatoon was supplied by Maureen Bexson. Gil Churn came to help with the serving.
“I wouldn’t have missed it” stated one visitor, “I just love those two people.”
Bill and Eileen have now moved from their beautiful 5 acres and five bedroom home to a house in downtown Salmon Arm, B.C. Bill is no longer able to travel long distances, so they had to turn down two offers to be chauffeured to the events.
Several people at the event spoke to the Lamonts by cell phone so they would feel included.