The Leigh-Al-Ann Line

The Leigh-Al-Ann and Double J lines of the Speckle Park Cattle can be traced directly back to the herd of Bill and Eileen Lamont, founders of the Speckle Park Breed. This is the first and only breed to be founded in Saskatchewan, Canada.

In approximately 1973 Edward and Shirley Melchior bought five head of cattle with Speckle Park breeding. Edward and Bill Lamont were very close friends and Edward was the first to purchase Speckle Park animals from the Lamonts. Edward and Bill stayed in close contact throughout the early years and Edward continued to breed the Speckle Park cattle to help improve the breed.

In 1985 when the Speckle Park Association was formed, Ed and Shirley chose the herd name "Leigh-Al-Ann"; this name is comprised of the middle names of their three children.

In the fall of 1989, Greg and Jacqueline Melchior (Edward and Shirley’s son) purchased five head of Speckle Park cattle from Edward. Greg learned well from his dad; Edward was a dedicated and knowledgeable cattleman, until his passing in May 2008, and Greg continues these traits. Greg and Jacqueline chose the herd name “Double J Speckle Park” for their cattle.

Exceptional records have been kept of the Leigh-Al-Ann and Double J Speckle Park lines; therefore, these cattle herds can be traced directly back the herd of Bill and Eileen Lamont, founders of the breed. Every animal that has been kept in the breeding program has a corresponding information paper showing parentage for three generations, and through these information papers, can be traced to the Canadian Speckle Park Association.

Greg has continued to breed within his herd and the Speckle Park blood has continually been strengthened. His herd was a closed herd with no outside blood lines being used. In 2007 he went into partnership with Eileen Lamont’s sisters, Maureen Bexson and Christine Pike, who also keep only Speckle Park bloodlines. Their lines are also fully traceable.

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Edward and Shirley Melchior. The developers of The "Leigh-Al-Ann" line of Speckle Park Cattle

Edward Melchior on "Joker"

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Melchior Bull Spike

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